Brittney White - 8 Clams For The Clam

So Big Mike wakes me up from one of my patented midday naps.. I was hoping he finally made a substantial sale. But instead it was for some BULL CRAP ..that eventually turned into a solid deal with some polishing. I guess sometimes you CAN polish a turd. So this big breasted chocolate beauty starts talking about pawning her car…i try to tell her I’m no longer in the automotive business, but she wasn’t having it. She convinces me to check out her broken down ride, but all I wanted is a better look at her airbags, that's pawn code for TITS, if you catch my drift. So the car was a limited edition POS, piece o’ Shit. It was old,rusty and rundown. But she was hot as fuck so i took the deal back to the office to make a deal on her not the car. She needed $800 clams for her mom’s surgery..nothing serious…and she said she would have the money back in a month. I gave her a better deal: wax my pole, let me titty fuck and split her clam and she can walk out with all the cash. Shit went down, this chick knows how to fuck. Enjoy!
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