Jade Aspen - Cumbang

Jade Aspen is getting revenge idea from her bff Alice Frost. Jade's black boyfriend has dipped his cock in another white girl and that just can't stand. Chad Diamond eavesdrops and offers up another solution: A trip to take care of nearly a dozen Rednecks/White Boys/Republicans in order to alleviate her pain and suffering. Alice takes Jade back to Cumbang.com Headquarters and the heart-broken black girls transforms into a raging white cock slut. Alice, much like a good coach, cheers on Jade as she goes down the line and sucks down as much peckerwood cock as her mouth can take. Alice Frost is there, every step of the way guiding Jade's perversions to the next level. Jade continues to swallow all those white boys until they turn her into a target for their cocks.Jade gets bent over for some extreme interracial fucking and these white guys do their damage. The time finally comes for some hot, sticky revenge...in the form of jizz all over her face. How do you spell REVENGE? C-U-M-B-A-N-G.
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ランタイム: カテゴリ: 輪姦
解像度: 1280x720 (720p) タグ: 巨乳, ブルネット, ザーメン, フェイシャル, 異人種間の, 十代の若者たち
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