Desertangel - Unbelievably Hot Blonde Amateur Gets Morningwood In Her Asshole In Thailand

She and her boy are on holidays in THAILAND! and they have booked a nice little cottage at a local river!
Pffff, her boy has MORNINGWOOD AGAIN!!!! and this morning he doesn't feel like masturbating!

Why should he?,,,,with such a nice devious little fuck toy in his room?

This cutie is NOT shy to do IT on the balcony....

Although it is still morning, her pussy is quite moist already....a decent amount of fuck-sweat I'd say!

She takes position,,,,bends over,,,,,present her asshole to her boy,,,,takes his phat veiny pole,,,,,and logs his dick in slowly, yet firmly!


Look at those BIG PUSSY FLESH LIPS. What a shame he doesn't work on them also in POV style.

It must be a feast to lutsch (suck) those bad-bois!

Anyways, you can see the many tourist boats cross them while they FUCK!

She's shy, but that doesn't stop her from letting her boy continue to fuck the Popo!

It ends with a nice THICK load on her little fuck face!

She's shy again, but still is proud on her Sperma mask and does a little spermawalk.
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