Alexandra Stein And Tracy Lindsay Imperfection

Alexandra Stein sits at the table, dealing cards. Tracy Lindsay watches impassively as Alexandra places the cards precisely, seeming to fulfil an inner compulsion that gives her great pleasure. Tracy has her own idea of fulfilment to pursue, though; climbing up onto the table, she crawls on hands and knees towards Alexandra, pausing only to trash her work. Alexandra immediately surrenders control to Tracy, responding passionately to her hot kisses. She peels off Tracy’s skintight dress and panties, and bends her over the table, fingering and licking her pretty pussy. Spinning Tracy over, she eats her until she is gasping with pleasure, then takes off her dress to reveal her sexy lingerie, and dons a strap-on. Now it’s unclear who wields the power, as Alexandra fucks Tracy with her mock cock and has her suck her own juices from it. Once she has recovered from her powerful orgasm, Tracy fingers and eats Alexandra to climax, and then the girls rapidly rub themselves to a mutual finish. Whatever cards Alexandra had intended to play, her capitulation to the Queen of Hearts is complete
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