Robomeats - Daddy Timestopped My Sleepover

Willow has a couple of her friends over for a fun “girls night” sleepover, they are all having fun, in their P.J.’s braiding each others hair, when Willow’s dad, Torro comes in.

He tells the girls to have fun, but not make too much noise as he is still working and has a couple of things to wrap up still, the girls agree to keep it down and he leaves.

Victoria tells Willow how creepy her dad is, but Viva likes him and thinks he is hot, Willow tells them both to be quiet and not to talk about her dad that way.

Torro comes back and tells Willow that he actually has a few more hours of work to do and asks her to make him a sandwich as he won’t have time to, Willow refuses as she is with her friends, so Torro timestops all three girls. He can’t help but want to play the girls, so he stands them up and starts to strip them, sucking on their nipples and feeling their tight bodies.

He poses them side by side and restarts time, the girls panic so he stops them again, this time stripping them almost naked, he sits down and pulls out his cock and starts to stroke it while he unfreezes the girls, they see him with his cock in his hand and each others naked bodies and start to panic more, so he freezes them again and poses them once more.

He puts Willow on the table and Viva and Victoria side by side holding onto each other, then he stands next to Willow and uses her hand to jack him off until he cums all over her leg, then he sets them up side by side for a good view of their frozen bodies.

Then he takes Willow to the kitchen and uses her frozen hands to make him a sandwich.
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