Mistress Akella - Horrible Ruined

Mistress Akella walks closer to the slave who is bound to a rack of steel. The stiletto heels of her shiny boots make that dominant sound. The mean lady wears her riding outfit and she looks stunning.
As she arrives at the rack, the slave's dick has already grown up and points out to her gorgeous legs. Akella tells the tall and strong slave that he is a lucky one because he is allowed to cum today and while she starts massaging his dick with her latex gloved hands she reminds him that he has to ask for permission to cum when he is ready. You can imagine that it only takes a few minutes. To see this blond Mistress in front of him, her red painted lips so close to him... She makes him feel her body as she leans on him while she continues to wank his dick. After a while he is ready to cum and he asks for permission. But that is the point Akella was waiting for. She takes off her hands and leaves his dick alone. He is already cuming but there is nothing he could rub his dick against. He tries to find something but there is nothing so his cum drops out without any pleasure. She moans and struggles in frustration but guess, what Akella does: She stands so close to him but all she does is laughing and laughing... such a mean lady.
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Mistress T jerking off her son


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