Joi Brooklyn Chase

Brooklyn needs to borrow your sister's microscope for class, but she takes a little time to chat with you first. Do you remember when you two were younger and she used to come over and you would kiss? Brooklyn always wondered how big your cock was each time you fooled around. She was too shy then to tell you that she wanted to see it, but now that you are grown up, maybe things have changed. Brooklyn is not shy now and she asks if you will take your dick out. You never dreamed that this would happen and you take your dick out for her. She asks if you want to see her titties and she proudly shows them off to you. They are full and bouncy. Brooklyn decides that she wants to watch you jerk yourself off today and you see no reason not to. As you stroke with one hand, she asks you to work the balls with your other hand. She shimmies down her denim miniskirt to reveal a white g-string. Imagine Brooklyn sucking on the head of your dick as you work yourself over. Can you use two hands on that shaft? She is happy to tell you how to work your dick and she is even happier to expose perfect her ass to you. "I want to watch you cum," she purrs. Her titties need your cum, so stoke yourself till you explode on her.
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