Alison Angel - Intimate Closeups Cd2

You might want to sit a little further back from the computer screen! These pictures have captured every little detail of my body, very close up! You can see every fleck of color in my eyeball, every juicy bit of moisture in my cooter and even the little blonde hairs on my tummy surrounding my navel piercing. There is such clarity and detail it might just be too beautifully graphic for some with a weak heart.

It's like an omni-max movie of the sweet Angelbunny. Here you get to soar over my curves and go deep into the crevices of my beautiful pink cooter. Exploring me in new ways, leaning my body's every curve and line. Look deep into my eyes and see parts of me you would only be able to see if you were face to face with me, looking at my body with a magnafying glass. Perfectly imperfect, the Angelbunny's body is the latest attraction.
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